Welcome to Spirit of God Ministries!
Spirit of God Ministries Worldwide prepares and equips the saints to walk in deep abiding relationship with God. God has given our team expertise to help people specifically in the following:

- Constant victory in every area – is that really possible? Yes!! Gain an in-depth understanding of how the Kingdom works – it’s not what most of us were taught! The scriptures are clear. 

- Close relationship with the Lord; understanding His heart and ministering to Him; loving God rather than religion;  Getting to know the Holy Spirit as best friend and mentor; learning to hear His voice and operate in the gifts of the spirit  Becoming a true and devoted disciple, rather than just a believer. 

- Complete Freedom - Our soul and emotions, even our sub-conscious, can hijack our choices and behaviors in ways we don’t understand (or sometimes even notice)! There is a simple process for unhooking unhealthy thoughts and behaviors (the root cause). This amazing process releases emotional healing, deliverance from the past, and often physical healing as well! 

- Total Authority over the enemy - Learn our true and complete authority over the enemy, as Jesus taught in the scriptures. It’s easy when you know how! 

- Understanding all that belongs to you as a Covenant Believer – don’t settle for less! 

- Holiness from the inside out! Were you taught that holiness was a list of things that you have to do outwardly; only to find that it is impossible to maintain, and leads to failure? Learn God’s scriptural method of holiness – from the inside out! It’s wonderful and easy, and it comes from relationship rather than performance.

Holly is available for ministry at your event. Please fill out the "host an event" form under the contact section with details of the event and dates and we will get in contact with you soon.

To reach us, call 262-748-0680 or email SpiritofGodWorldWide@gmail.com
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