As a ministry that serves, we partner with businesses as well as individuals
For us, partnering means that we support the business through directed, specific prayer, as well as listening / prophetic prayer.
What does the “prophetic” part mean?

When we pray, often the Lord gives a sense of direction.  To follow His direction brings wisdom and answers.  This may come in the form of a scripture, a picture, or a phrase.  We have found that the blessing is found when we follow Him.

About Me Personally

My name is Holly Baillie.  Edgar was my late husband, a truly great man of God (I could go on all day about him!)   He was an evangelist that traveled all over the world winning souls.  I am more of a teacher and preacher, sometimes labeled ‘prophet’ because I hear from the Lord.  I have been ministering since 1989.  Yes, I’m kinda old (smile…).   I was ministering when I met Edgar, and felt led to continue ministering after his death, though he has moved on.  I also have a strong business and I/T background, as I worked for (and contracted to) Fortune 500 companies for many years (yes, while ministering – I’m not THAT old).  For fun stuff, I like writing, camping, anything outdoors (well, most anything), and am trying to learn how to cook healthy (can’t say that it’s fun, but I’m trying). 

​About you

We love to partner with businesses that serve the Lord; that see themselves as a ministry as well as a business: a business with purpose.  One CEO with whom we partner started his company after telling the Lord that he desired to fund the gospel all over the world.  How could God NOT bless that?!!   Now, your purpose may be different from that, but if God has put you in business, there is a purpose in the earth for His Kingdom.  Our job would be to help you on the spiritual end of things.

how it works

When we partner with a company, we would first and foremost pray for that company on a regular basis, listening to the Lord for any direction He may give.  Often, the leader will give us a few prayer requests that we can focus on; such as sales, a problem to be solved, or employee issues.  We take these specifically to prayer.   Throughout the month, we will make a log of anything that we may feel the Lord is saying.  This is just for consideration, to be weighed with wisdom.  A picture from the Lord may be very specific, or sometimes may mean more than one thing, so we submit it to the leader(s) as something to be considered as a possibility.  I personally believe the prayer part is even more important that the prophetic works.  Prophetic direction is wonderful to have, but prayer gets things done.

What we provide:  In addition to providing prayer and prayer notes, we will additionally pray directly with the leader(s) at least once per month if that is desired.  If an emergency arises that needs prayer support, we invite that a prayer request be sent to us.  This includes the leader’s personal or family issues. 
We also provide a prophetic “word-of-the-month” that will be sent to the e-mail of your choice.  I sit with the Lord and ask Him what He is saying to the partners this month.  If you would like a sample of one of these, please let us know, at  This monthly mp3 recording may be freely shared with your family or employees.

Mentoring:  Our other job (so to speak) is to mentor people in their relationship with the Lord, including:
  • how to live a victorious and dedicated life in every area
  • how to pray with power
  • how to live in close relationship with the Father
  • how to move in the gifts of the Spirit (which, by the way) are crucial to Kingdom businesses! 

​Having said this, we love to mentor people.  We can provide in-house seminars on life-skills, and also have many materials available in our online store.  We can help direct you to the right materials if interested.  Additionally, I do personal mentoring for a limited number of people.
What we would like from our business partners:  We are on a journey of faith.  We ask our partners to give a tax-deductible donation on a monthly basis, in the amount that you feel led to give.  This can be automated by a monthly withdrawal from a credit/debit card, or it can be sent in by check. 
If you would like to partner, fill out the form below, and we will send you information that will get you started.  In the meantime, I pray that God richly bless you and your business!!